What’s Good is Good

Chris Lehmann: We live in amazing times. This time is a time of faster technological change than anything ever seen before in human history. And with that technological change has come incredible changes in the way we live our lives. And while schools are historically slow to change, we are now seeing rapid changes in […]

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Using Ignite Talks to Ignite Thought

Change! This year I’m working as a district-level Instructional Technology Coordinator, which is much different than teaching students chemistry and biotechnology and serving as a department (content) lead. Anyway, as part of my introduction to my new community I delivered a hastily prepared Ignite-style talk to an audience of high school, middle school, and elementary […]

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YouTube Idol – Videos and Education

I recently bumped into YouTube’s “American Idol” competition to identify ten “YouTube Next EDU Gurus” à la Khan Academy. Here’s an excerpt from YouTube’s blog:   “We believe that inspiring online educators can come from all walks of life, and we want to find the next generation of educational YouTube stars – people with a talent […]

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Teachers and Technology

Here Robert Slavin writes about the future of education with regards to technology integration in Education Week. His message reminds me of a quote a colleague recently shared: “The killer app of 21st Century learning is is a good teacher.” (source) It seems to always come down to good teaching. Here’s the text from Slavin’s article: Think about […]

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