Portfolio – AP

Development of Responsive Curriculum

Mosaic is an interdisciplinary project and inquiry-based learning program that utilizes an agile curriculum. These links demonstrate the use of this curriculum and its development.

Mosaic learning experiences

Purposeful planning document

Combined standards document

Mosaic practices & standards one-pager

PLC Leadership

Effective facilitation of leadership meetings requires purposeful planning and organization. These documents were developed to lead school Academy and Content PLCs and creative sessions in Mosaic.

PD template and goals document (PLCs and Departments)

Mosaic facilitation & agenda

Content Lead / Academy Lead meetings


A change from the ACT to the SAT provided an opportunity to create and implement a school-wide program to increase confidence and to best prepare the school and staff for the change.

Our Building Leadership Team reflects on our progress towards meeting our school’s overall goals for the year.

SAT competence and anticipation

Building Leadership Team reflection document

Professional Development

An organized and responsive professional development program is one that builds both culture and skill. These links are to examples from several of our 2016-2017 whole-staff PD days, which were designed to honor and celebrate our achievements as well as to challenge us to do better and to do different to best meet our students’ needs.

EdCamp Padlet

Staff-facilitated sessions

CVTalks! 1.0

Speaker preparation document (example)

Scaled Communication & Sharing

Schools are exceptionally busy places! These documents and videos are examples of work designed to maximize the effectiveness of our communication. Email, texting, video (screen capture, etc.) were used to do this.

School-wide “intranet” (PLC/PD/Induction)

Video to introduce CVTalks!

Video to begin PD day

Screen capture video for procedural steps (evaluation)

Video (instead of email) to Academy Leads (fun)

Video (instead of email) to Building Leadership Team

Video to introduce Goal-Setting aspect of evaluation (in lieu of meeting)