Teachers be Teaching and Assessors be Assessing

…Teachers crowded into a few rooms “learning” to assess their assessments, that is, slow-motion what is used to assess students, whether as formative, interim, or summative, and effectively grade the assessment using a rubric of sorts. The end result being a score of 1-20 where anything above 14 is considered a “gold-standard” assessment. (Note: the ACT… Read More Teachers be Teaching and Assessors be Assessing

Mosaic Development, Our Working “Bio”

Snapshot in the development of The Mosaic Collective… As we continue to develop here’s a “bio” that best describes our program right now: Born in 2014 out of experience, frustration, curiosity, and a sense of educational righteousness, The Mosaic Collective is a project-based, problem-based, inquiry-based, and challenge-based learning environment housed in a traditional public high school.… Read More Mosaic Development, Our Working “Bio”