About PreciseUncertainty:

This is an exciting and daunting time in the world of education. This site aims to push aside distracting edu buzzwords and top-down initiatives and instead focus on learning, students, teachers, and their communities. Many of the posts on PreciseUncertainty are reflective and inquisitive in nature and attempt to address how educators connect with students in our every changing and increasingly networked world.

About Ryan:



Husband, Father, Teacher, Science Geek, Learner, What if?


Ryan is a passionate educator focused on shifting schools, teachers, and pedagogy towards all aspects of modern learning – or as he calls it: speed-of-light, connected, and amplified learning that is active and highly responsive to a student’s curiosity and needs. 


He is insatiably curious and likes to ask questions (especially the question “Why?”) – anything to create a culture of questioning in and around education.

Ryan is a co-founder of The Mosaic Collectivea project and inquiry-based high school program that integrates contents and skills across disciplines, challenges and restructures the traditional school day, and explores methods of modern connected learning and meaningful assessment.

As a member of Mosaic, Ryan contributes expertise and experience in teaching all sorts of science content and skills and he hopes to always demonstrate a strong desire to learn from his colleagues and his students.