Research Interests

IMG_1529A few questions I’m pondering:

How can an authentic and responsive learning environment be created that does not devolve over time into a program of “dishonest illusion of choice“, i.e., one of artificial and contrived student choice?

What does effective, relational, and innovative leadership look like under the broad umbrella of so-called “21st Century Education?”

What might the future of schools, districts, and community colleges resemble considering the increasing “dual credit” opportunities?

How will online, e-, and m-learning evolve to incorporate current research about best practices regarding non-face-to-face, virtual interaction?

How will educational institutions near and far learn from one another and increasingly network and globalize education?

How will schools and school systems evolve in our ever-changing, technology-driven society? How might this evolution impact and affect various countries (and continents)?

What is effective school/community communication in our increasingly busy and “speed-of-light” society? Where does student learning fit in this communication scheme?