Day 111: Sharing > Presenting

As part of the “City” seed, students are exploring and researching in order to answer their respective curiosity-born questions. Today students shared their working questions and their research progress and they solicited feedback from the other members of the group. It was clear that their working questions are evolving as they begin to take ownership of their work. Stand, find… Read More Day 111: Sharing > Presenting

Mosaic Development, Our Working “Bio”

Snapshot in the development of The Mosaic Collective… As we continue to develop here’s a “bio” that best describes our program right now: Born in 2014 out of experience, frustration, curiosity, and a sense of educational righteousness, The Mosaic Collective is a project-based, problem-based, inquiry-based, and challenge-based learning environment housed in a traditional public high school.… Read More Mosaic Development, Our Working “Bio”