Mo’ Better Teacher Evaluation

Since we can’t seem to get away from formally evaluating teachers – here are some thoughts on improving the process: Teacher evaluation and professional growth is an essential factor in the health and culture of a school and its collective of learners. As such it must be a clear and understandable part of every teacher’s […]

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The Day The Bells Stopped

September 28, 2015: One year, one month, twenty one days, three hours, and twenty minutes after the launch of our Mosaic program. It was a Monday. And it was the day and date of one of the most profound moments of my career as an educator. For on this day, at approximately 11:00am MST, the bells […]

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Stanford 2025!

Thank you Will Richardson (@willrich45) for sharing this. It blew my mind! It’s always great to learn of other schools and programs that are modernizing, but this movement may be a game changer for me. Not only because of the name and that it is a university, but because of their use of shareable multimedia […]

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