Kids Aren’t Bumpers

Kids aren’t bumpers, they’re human beings! My colleague yelled this in a crowded auditorium filled with teachers and administrators. We were all there for a staff meeting. It’s been a few years since this happened… and I think about it from time to time. I usually remember it when I think about the universal nature […]

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On Homework (Briefly)

In response to Brian Aspinall’s succinct post about homework: If homework is defined as independent work assigned to students to be done on their own and then checked at school or submitted for “points or checks” then homework – at all levels – can seem a bit silly – especially while in elementary school. There […]

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Mosaic Development, Our Working “Bio”

Snapshot in the development of The Mosaic Collective… As we continue to develop here’s a “bio” that best describes our program right now: Born in 2014 out of experience, frustration, curiosity, and a sense of educational righteousness, The Mosaic Collective is a project-based, problem-based, inquiry-based, and challenge-based learning environment housed in a traditional public high school. […]

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From Vodcasting to TED…

In 2009 I attended a training on how to “vodcast” content. Our hosts were two teachers from Woodland Park High School, Colorado, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams. They taught us how to record video and audio … and how to edit and upload to various services. Anyway, quite a bit has happened since our time together in the […]

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