Row, Row, Row … Your Boat

I struggle. I’m struggling. We all feel good and bad at times – we can feel in control and we can feel completely overwhelmed, but right now, I keep falling into a valley of sorts. I struggle to trust administration and educational┬áleaders. I just don’t think they get it at times. And I try to […]

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Blah, Blah, Blah … Wait, What?

I work at a seven-year-old high school that was physically and academically designed as a “reform-minded” institution. Here’s our mission statement: Our mission is to transform high school learning through meaningful Relationships, Relevant learning, and a Rigorous academic environment where every Castle View student will graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful […]

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Professional Goals (2012 Edition)

My individual and team goals for this year revolve around building relationships (communication), access, research, and exploration. Relationships My team and I will utilize technology to help empower our colleagues to share and communicate their ideas, reflections, and, well, anything. We hope to meet with building principals to communicate our shared desire to help and […]

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