Words and Things (and Assumptions)

An excerpt from the book “And What Do YOU Mean by Learning?” by Seymour Sarason: Two people may say they are patriotic [or any other concept] only to find that when they pursue what they mean – what the concept includes or excludes, what actions it supports or indicts  – they come to a parting of ways. […]

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Toil and Trouble

A snapshot of Mosaic as we continue to develop and grow – both as a program and as a rag-tag collective of ambitious teachers and students: We all work hard in Mosaic … and for that I and others are extremely grateful and appreciative. Though some of us can be abrasive and harsh at times, […]

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The Day The Bells Stopped

September 28, 2015: One year, one month, twenty one days, three hours, and twenty minutes after the launch of our Mosaic program. It was a Monday. And it was the day and date of one of the most profound moments of my career as an educator. For on this day, at approximately 11:00am MST, the bells […]

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City, Death, Impact, and Time

Today was super fun … so I’ll share! Beginning with one of the following seed words: city, death, impact, or time, our students asked deep questions to investigate and answer. That’s what the Seeds portion of Mosaic is all about. Student spend most mornings working on their Seed questions and research, which they eventually share and present. […]

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Mosaic Development, Our Working “Bio”

Snapshot in the development of The Mosaic Collective… As we continue to develop here’s a “bio” that best describes our program right now: Born in 2014 out of experience, frustration, curiosity, and a sense of educational righteousness, The Mosaic Collective is a project-based, problem-based, inquiry-based, and challenge-based learning environment housed in a traditional public high school. […]

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The Winton Train and Mosaic

On Monday, Dec 15, Thomas Grauman, visited Mosaic and shared his memories as a Holocaust survivor and passenger on the Winton Train. Thank you, Christina Classen and Margie Schoedel for organizing his visit and talk and for working with our students before, during, and after to make Tom’s visit a deep learning experience for the entire […]

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Days 71 – 75: The Turnip!

I’ve been a tad bit neglectful of my Mosaic-180 duties, but with good reason. Not only are other Mosaic teachers blogging now (Michael, Shaun, and Nadelle), but so are the students. I’m thinking that I will use this blog to write about big ideas and issues that we are encountering and learning from – as […]

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