The Powerful 180-Project

Last year Frank Noschese shared his idea for a blog where he would summarize each day of learning during the school year – either by capturing an image or by sharing a short statement.

Today, over a year later, the blog has spawned, what I’ll call, the “180 Project,” which challenges teachers to commit to creating a blog and updating it daily.

I love this idea.

If you know me, then you know I’m big on taking time to reflect. Reflection, in my opinion, leads to action and growth. In teaching it forces us to identify wonderful and impactful moments that should be used and shared with other teachers. Sharing via a blog increases teachers’ webs of influence because of the way blogs can so easily be tumbled from reader to reader.

Not to mention the power of potential comments and responses to blog entries.

Truly powerful indeed.

Imagine an entire teaching staff reflecting and sharing 180 blogs. In a word: rad.

Here are a few more 180 blogs to check out:

A Year in Chemistry

180 Classroom Photos

Daily Quanta

Science Bearings 180

Lastly, here’s bundle of 30-something 180 blogs…

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